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What are the Benefits of Pregnancy Massage For You & Your Baby?

Updated: Feb 21

It's no secret that getting a massage is one of the most indulgent things you can do for yourself, but did you know that getting a massage during pregnancy (popularly called prenatal or pregnancy massage in Christchurch) can be extremely beneficial?

Pregnant women undergo phenomenal changes in their bodies, which can be very uncomfortable and leave them feeling exhausted. Consider the implications. During these nine months, you’ll be carrying a baby inside of you. These alone causes stress on your back, neck, and shoulders. On top of that, let’s not forget about the soreness in the ankles, morning sickness, and hormonal ups and downs that every newbie mum goes through without fail! However, becoming a mom is a very powerful, beautiful and transformative process, both for the body and mind, and it doesn't always have to be challenging.

A pregnancy massage can help ease both the physical and mental strain that comes with carrying a child. It’s a therapeutic practice aimed to soothe aches and joint pains, enhance circulation, and assist expecting women in developing a positive body image as their bodies transform.

The goal of a pregnancy massage in Christchurch, like that of other forms of therapeutic massage, is relaxation, therefore there isn't much difference between the two. However, when it comes to pregnancy massage, it's all about tailoring the massage strokes and techniques to the specific requirements of pregnant women.

Amazing benefits of pregnancy massage in Christchurch

It is now widely accepted that massage treatment has a number of positive effects on pregnant women. These advantages include the following:

Relieves muscular and joint pains

In a study that was conducted in 2010, it was discovered that pregnant women who received massage therapy for approximately 20 minutes per week for a period of 5 weeks experienced relief from common pains that are experienced during pregnancy, including pain in the upper and lower backs, leg cramps, and pain in the hip joints.

Improves both the mother's and the child's immunity.

Improved blood circulation allows for better distribution of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body as well as the removal of pollutants.

This benefits pregnant women by ensuring that the foetus and mother both obtain the nutrients they require for health and by boosting their immune systems.

Aids in the maintenance of a healthy posture

Your body goes through a series of realignments when you’re pregnant. The extra weight that the baby adds to your body shifts your centre of gravity, and this happens regardless of the size of your baby bump.

Regular massage improves muscle flexibility, which in turn can improve posture and overall ability to carry additional weight while maintaining strength in the legs and back.

Relaxation and sleep patterns are improved.

Endorphins are commonly referred to as one of the "happy hormones". Endorphins are released into the body during the pregnancy massage, which helps the mother feel calm and at ease during the process.

Additionally, pregnancy massage in Christchurch helps in improved sleep quality, which is crucial for the mother as well as the newborn baby.

Reduces the risk of premature birth.

Soon-to-be mums should avoid stress at all costs since the hormone cortisol, which is produced in response to stress, may send a message to the body to start labour and delivery before the baby has reached its full gestational age.

According to a number of studies, prenatal massage is an excellent method for pregnant women to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, hence reducing the risk that their babies would be born prematurely.

Greatly reduces labour pains.

In one study it was shown that women who were at an early stage of labour received more massage on their backs and legs throughout the first 15 minutes than others who did not. The astonishing outcome was that those who received massages during the first two stages of labour experienced significantly less pain.

In addition to this, the length of their labour was reduced by three hours when compared to the labours of women who were not massaged.

Is Pregnancy Massage Safe?

Massage therapists and other specialists in Christchurch agree that pregnancy massage shouldn't begin until after the first trimester has passed. This is the recommended time frame. Why? Because there is an increased possibility of a miscarriage during the first three months of pregnancy.

Although it has never been established that pregnant massage causes miscarriages, the chance of miscarriage is usually higher in the first few months of pregnancy.

Therefore, massage during the first trimester of pregnancy is not recommended by therapists or doctors because of the potential for complications and hazards.

Most massage therapists would not even treat you until and unless you first get your doctor’s permission, so, it's best to talk to your obstetrician or midwife before getting a massage. They could also provide you with a practitioner reference if they know one.

Pregnancy Massage: How should you lie down?

During pregnancy massage, the way the body needs to be placed is a bit different. Since your baby bump is in the way, you won't be comfortable lying face down. But you shouldn't lie on your back, especially after the first trimester, because it puts stress on your back and legs.

Lying on your side while being supported by cushions is the most comfortable position for receiving a massage when pregnant. You also have the option of receiving a massage while seated on an upright massage bed that supports your body.

Therapists have a variety of foam cutouts and pillows to support your belly and ease any muscle strain.

If you are feeling unsteady on the massage table, you should communicate this to your therapist as soon as possible so that the two of you may work together to find a position that is more comfortable for you throughout the massage.

Pregnancy Massage Techniques

Massage therapists, who specialise in pregnancy massage in Christchurch, should use light, slow strokes that help the blood flow and relax the body. Based on the Swedish massage techniques, prenatal massage has specific benefits in lowering the stress levels placed on the muscles and improving blood flow through a series of stroking, gliding, rubbing and tapping.

One should avoid using strong pressure because of the potential risks to the baby. Just because of that, treatments such as deep tissue massage, shiatsu, and deep acupressure, along with others like them, are not performed during this timeframe.

Tips for Getting the Right Pregnancy Massage

  • Before getting a massage while you're pregnant, make sure to check with your obstetrician or midwife to make sure it's safe.

  • Provide your therapist with information regarding the areas of your body that are giving you discomfort or pain, as well as the activities that you believe make the pain worse. Be specific.

  • It is helpful if you are able to provide a detailed description of the pain; for example, does it feel like a dull ache as you walk, or does it feel like a stabbing pain?

  • Don't forget to tell your massage therapist how far along you are and when you're due.

  • Have a clear-cut conversation with your massage therapist about how you should position yourself during the massage as well as the style of massage they will provide you.

  • Keep in mind that pregnant women typically benefit most from Swedish massage.

Ready for a prenatal massage in Christchurch?

We hope this blog post helps all our beautiful mum-to-bes to understand more about prenatal massage therapy. However, we are always available if you have any queries. Visit our page and get in touch with us.

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