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Lymphatic massage

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A lymphatic drainage massage is a form of massage that reduces swelling, normally caused when medical illness or treatment blocks the lymphatic system. 


What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is an important network of delicate tubes that carry the body’s natural fluids, leaked from the blood, and cycle them through the lymph nodes back into the bloodstream. When these become blocked or swollen, it can cause pain and lack of movement in the body’s tissues. 


Generally, this can be sorted by message therapy. 

The benefits of lymphatic drainage massage.

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Lymphatic drainage massage has been proven to help;


  • Restore the body’s normal circulatory system

  • Reduce swelling and tension

  • Remove the build-up of toxins and bacteria from the skin

  • Increase the lymph flow and open up the lymphatic system

  • Reduce wrinkles, lines, or puffy eyes

  • Decrease skin discolouration 

  • Reduce pain and hardening of the skin

  • Help manage rheumatoid arthritis

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Considering lymphatic drainage massage therapy?

Get in touch with us on the phone to talk about your particular needs.

What we offer.


What areas are affected by lymphatic issues?

Lymphatic drainage massage may affect the stomach, face, groin, neck, armpits, knees, back, thigh and other areas across the body. Since lymphatic drainage issues commonly occur during pregnancy, it’s not uncommon to experience this problem leading up to or after natural birth or a c-section.


How often can you have a lymphatic drainage massage?

Depending on the severity of the case, you could have it every day, usually for postpartum or plastic surgery complications. Weekly visits are recommended, with two to three times a week if the condition runs into ​​lymphoedema, where the lymph nodes or vessels become blocked or damaged.


Can lymphatic drainage reduce cellulite?

When the lymphatic system isn’t working properly, it can result in the build-up of cellulite, as the body is less able to process natural fats and liquids. Drainage enables the body to remove these waste materials, which increases the skin's health, reducing cellulite's build-up with a clearer, more even cell structure.


Does lymphatic drainage massage cure sinuses?

Through a combination of techniques, including releasing acupressure points and lymphatic drainage, the sinuses can be cleared through massage.


Does lymphatic drainage benefit weight loss?

The build-up of fatty tissues and toxins can be due, in part, to the body’s circulation. Lymphatic drainage improves circulation, allowing the body to remove any unhelpful materials, which also helps remove excess water weight. This is not, however, a weight loss treatment on its own.


What is manual lymphatic drainage massage?

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) involves light skin-stretching messages to promote the movement of lymphatic fluid and decrease swelling.

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Looking for a full or partial lymphatic drainage body massage?

BodySense is a friendly, professional team that can help you with your recovery. Get in touch with us now to book your first appointment.


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