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6 Surprising Benefits of Neck & Shoulder Massage

Updated: Feb 21

Neck and shoulder pains have become a growing concern in today’s world, mostly owing to our stressful lifestyle. Almost everyone seems to be experiencing it at some point, owing to wrong sleeping patterns, facing injury during workouts, or strenuous work.

If you don't address your neck and shoulder pain quickly then it may become a long-term problem. Regular stretching is known to aid in developing strength in those areas and decrease any future discomfort.

Getting a neck & shoulder massage is a proven formula for relief if you're seeking to substantially decrease the pain. A neck & shoulder massage provides a set of great advantages to enhance your general well-being and enable you to lead a healthier, pain-free lifestyle.

Here are 6 suprising benefits of getting a neck massage, or shoulder massage.

1. Reduce muscle soreness and pain

The number one reason why most people choose to book a neck & shoulder massage is to release their muscular discomfort. As mentioned earlier, neck and shoulder pain is more prevalent now than ever before. Stiff neck and ‘text neck' (a condition caused by excessive usage of mobile phones) are two of the most common problems. Massage therapy may help to relieve this pain and stiffness.

Massages relieve pain by relaxing the muscles, preventing them from painful (muscular) spasms. Massages help to improve blood circulation. As a result, oxygen is supplied more effectively to muscles, reducing discomfort, swelling, and inflammation.

2. Relieves Migraines and Headaches

It's quite discomforting to have muscular pain in your neck and shoulder and on top of that headache is added to the mix, you're in for a world of pain. Stress headaches and migraines are common problems that also affect the neck region and are super uncomfortable!

But why does one experience a migraine because of his/her neck pain? It’s because the head and neck are located close to each other and they also exchange pain impulses. This implies that the pain is felt in both regions of the body.

Headaches and migraines may be relieved by getting a good neck massage. This is accomplished by relaxing and releasing muscular tension. Muscle relaxation allows more blood to reach the brain, reducing headaches.

3. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Have you been feeling stressed out or worried lately? A relaxing neck & shoulder massage may help you achieve the peace of mind you've been looking for. Massage therapies help you relax and relieve tension & anxiety.

Reducing stress has another benefit pertaining to your health. Your body's capacity to recuperate and remain healthy is influenced by stress levels. A weakened immune system may lead to future health concerns such as headaches and digestive difficulties. So regular massage therapy helps you keep those health problems at bay and help take your mind off any stressful situation in your life.

4. Enjoying a more restful sleep

One of the most effective ways to guarantee that you're living a healthy lifestyle is to prioritise sleep. Sleep aids in tissue healing, bodily restoration and allows you to feel recharged. Hence the importance of having a sound sleep cannot be understated!

It's tough to obtain peaceful sleep every night, but having a massage can help. Regular massage therapy, particularly on your neck and shoulders, can help you fall asleep faster. Spasms and involuntary contractions are less likely to occur when the neck and shoulder muscles are well-attended. As a result, you'll be able to get a better, more restful night's sleep.

5. Improves your Posture

Stiffness around the neck & shoulders can lead to disproportionate body posture. The muscles in your neck and shoulders get tired and become stiff if you are constantly drooping in your chair or slouching over to use your laptop or computer. This results in the typical hunched-over position associated with poor posture.

Lower back pain and other injuries may also be caused by poor posture. Getting a massage that focuses on your neck and shoulder muscles relaxes them, releasing tension and stress. Your muscles will realign to their normal position after you've been relieved, and you'll be able to appreciate having a straight posture once again.

6. Helps treat injuries to the neck and shoulders

Neck & shoulder problems such as sprained neck muscle or rotator cuff pain, can be due to multiple reasons. You don’t need to be a regular gym-goer or an athlete to get neck injuries. During this time it’s best to avoid intense workouts for a while and try massage therapy for a speedy recovery.

Regular massage increases your blood circulation, which has an astounding effect on healing and relieves headaches and muscular stiffness. A good massage from a therapist or massage therapist can help you get back to 100% sooner rather than later.

Let's Get Those Muscles Relaxed!

Now that you're aware of the advantages of a good neck & shoulder massage, it's time to give it a try. At BodySense, our talented therapists provide a high-quality massage experience, that leaves our clients feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Take a break from your mundane activities and book a session with our Christchurch therapists today!

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