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6 Reasons Why EVERY Athlete Should Get Regular Sports Massages

Updated: Feb 21

“Most people have no clue how wonderful their body is meant to feel”.

This is particularly true for athletes who do not include massage therapy as a way to recoup and rejuvenate their bodies in their regular health regimen. Massage comes with numerous health advantages, particularly for athletes and fitness aficionados. If you want to discover how your body is truly meant to feel, we suggest indulging in regular massage sessions.

As part of a health or fitness regimen, having frequent massages can give you a number of health benefits. Top athletes & coaches have claimed that sports massages have greatly aided them. When it comes to massages, athletes have a few choices.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy aids in identifying and addressing particular regions in the body that require attention. It may not be the most soothing massage, but it is, in fact, the best option for sportsmen.

Sports Massage uses rapid, brief strokes to help warm-up or cool down before or after an event.

Relaxation massage is the third alternative. This is ideal for all athletes who need to overcome the stress and anxiety derived from performance and bring in a touch of calmness and serenity into their lives.

Massage sessions greatly benefit the physical and mental aspects of an athlete’s life. From an improvement in range of motion & flexibility to a decrease in inflammation, giving the body a good rest and improving their athletic performance are some of the key benefits that an athlete gets to enjoy.

Here are six reasons why every athlete should get regular sports massages

Massage Increases flexibility and range of motion

Improvement in range of motion and flexibility, whether as an athlete, or as a daily exerciser, will help you enhance performance, avoid injury, and recover faster. By boosting blood flow to the muscular tissues and fascia, frequent massages improve range of motion and flexibility. Experts suggest that increased blood circulation helps to alleviate muscular tension, decrease pain, and speed up recovery.

Massage Reduces Inflammation

Getting frequent massages may help keep your muscles happy and healthy by reducing inflammation. Muscles are subjected to exercise-induced fatigue and inflammation during intense activity and they need a lot of energy to recover.

Thankfully, massage helps in triggering the release of that energy by generating mitochondria, the cell's powerhouses. As a result, the body has enough energy to heal itself from the injury or pain caused by an intense workout or practice, thus helping you achieve an inflammation-free body.

Massage Reduces Pain after Exercise

We all know any kind of intense fitness activity brings soreness to the body, which is felt through pain. So, when our massage therapists attend to the soreness the pain is also reduced.

Our cells produce more mitochondria when we receive massage therapy. This provides extra energy to the body, which aids in the healing process. Massage also helps alleviate stress, and other negative emotions, therefore aiding in the healing process.

Massage Relaxes the Whole Body

An hour-long massage therapy activates our parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes rejuvenation of the mind & body. This is one of the most important advantages of massage, whether you're an athlete or not.

Massage assists individuals in unwinding and letting go of any tension. "That calm, lowered-tension condition promotes concentration," according to a well-known fitness magazine, "which is a desirable thing to have before entering into any activity, group exercise, or competition." You will do better in your workout if you are calmer.

Regular Massage helps to Avoid Sport Injuries

Massage may assist you to avoid getting easily hurt. It also lowers the risk of any sports injury by reducing inflammation and increases the range of motion and flexibility.

Massage Improves Athletic Performance

Your athletic performance will see a major improvement once you achieve improvement in range of motion, flexibility, decreased pain and inflammation. All of that will naturally induce calmness of the mind and harness focus, therefore lowering the chances of injury.

The best thing about having a sports massage is how wonderful you'll feel while doing whatever it is that you’re passionate about.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a session of sports massage therapy today, with some of the talented massage experts in Christchurch.

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