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6 Benefits of A Relaxation Massage

Updated: Feb 21

If the word "massage" already makes you grab your phone to book an appointment, then it's definitely time for one. Seriously!

Massage therapists know a lot about the stress points, weak spots, and even emotional stress within our system that often leads to future illnesses, both physical and mental. You may not realize it, but your body needs a rejuvenation treatment, from time to time, so that:

  1. It can free itself from any accumulated stress inside our bodies.

  2. Reduce anxiety and other mental issues due to burnout.

  3. Treat any physical trauma.

  4. Recuperate faster from any exertion (Example: strenuous physical exercise).

Although there are a few ways to treat the aforementioned conditions, massage therapy has been proven (and also recommended by top doctors) as one of the most effective ways to treat them, or at the very least, alleviate them.

A “massage” is defined as, “a partial or full body treatment, where a trained therapist uses their full hands to perform pressure stroking, kneading and rubbing movements on the skin.” Most massage centres offer some of the following popular therapies to cater to individual client needs, the most common being Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massage, Prenatal massage, and so on. However, a simple Relaxation massage will do for its super-relaxing after-effects on both the mind and body.

Relaxation massage

A Relaxation massage is performed by gently massaging the skin with the therapist's hands, along the muscle contours (soft tissues) of the body. In a typical Relaxation massage session, the pressure should be mild to medium, so that the client doesn’t feel pain during the course of the treatment. Both modes of gentle kneading and long smooth strokes in rhythmic movements relax and soothe the muscles and nerves, helping cure chronic pain or any underlying issue in the body.

Why is it called a ‘Relaxation’ massage?

The gentle nature of the therapist's strokes on the body's soft tissues makes this massage a very soothing experience. It has a calming impact on the neurological system, which reduces stress and pain to encourage the body to recuperate faster.

What are the Benefits of a Relaxation Massage?

1. Improved circulation

Relaxation massages use light stroking and kneading movements on the skin, which helps increase blood circulation, supply fresh blood to different regions of the body, thereby speeding up the toxin and waste removal from the body. As a result, soft tissue injuries heal faster and the skin feels rejuvenated.

2. Reduced muscle tension

Frequent Relaxation massages help relieve muscle tension caused by postural problems (say, caused by sitting at a desk for long periods of time). Applying gentle yet firm pressure to certain shoulder muscles help dissolve the tension or stiffness in these areas. Postural problems can build up over a period of time, and massage treatment is known to be an excellent method to treat it at the very root.

Regular treatments of Relaxation massages can also help alleviate muscle fatigue, caused by physical exercise. The kneading and stroking actions help remove lactic acid build-up from muscle fibres, decreasing fatigue, pain, and promoting recovery time.

3. Eases muscle pain

A trained therapist knows how to relieve localised pain by isolating specific muscle or muscle groups. The body then begins to open up, since the various layers of the aforementioned muscle/muscle groups are now stimulated. Blood circulation naturally improves, which aids in reducing fatigue, pain, and boosts energy levels.

4. Helps reduce anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are increasingly becoming concerning every day in today’s world. It's safe to say that these conditions are responsible for the majority of psychological conditions among the public. A Rel

axation massage treatment can reduce some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression through:

  • the use of a calming ambience inside the massage room,

  • using the therapeutic advantage of skin to skin contact,

  • practical implications of massage’s analgesic effects.

An individual’s overall health can show a significant (positive) shift post-treatment.

5. Improves sleep

Since Relaxation massages soothe and relax, and provides relief from tension, giving a sense of serenity, you’ll definit

ely fall asleep faster, rest deeper, and sleep more soundly. The massage treatment also lowers postural tension and localised pain, making it easier for you to enjoy a good night's sleep.

6. Improved Immunity

By decreasing blood pressure and lowering stress hormones, the body shows signs of improvement in immunological responses to fight against diseases or infections.

To sum it up, relaxation massage helps in:

  • Reducing stress

  • Promoting better sleep

  • Encouraging deeper relaxation of the mind

  • Healing your body faster.

  • Treating certain basic signs of anxiety and depression

  • Reducing muscle pain

  • Improvement of blood circulation

But don’t just take our word for it! Get a hands-on experience of everything Relaxation therapy has to offer in your city. Book your Christchurch Massage session today.

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